Replacement Windows in Sutton | uPVC and Double Glazing Benefits

Would you like to reduce the cost of your energy bills? A double glazing installation is the best way to achieve a more energy-efficient home. At Generation Windows, we supply uPVC windows, doors and conservatories to customers in Sutton and the surrounding Surrey area. Local and regional homeowners come to our showroom for quality products, with high energy ratings, because they know double glazing improves thermal and noise insulation.

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass with an air layer between them. Homeowners in Sutton choose us for double glazing because it offers several key benefits over single glazing. Firstly, double glazing helps to keep warm air in. This keeps properties insulated. As a result, the user experiences fewer draughts, cheaper heating bills and a warmer home.

Modern uPVC windows and conservatories with double glazing also benefit from acoustic insulation. Homeowners therefore hear much less noise from outside of a home than they would with single glazing. Our replacement windows reduce condensation build-up and enhance security, simply because it is more difficult to breach two panes of glass than it is to break through one. We also supply aluminium and timber windows with double glazing.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, property owners in the Sutton area can save between £80 and £110 a year with a B-rated glass, and between £90 and £120 a year with an A-rated glass. The double glazing in our replacement windows and conservatories lasts for at least 20 years. This constitutes a massive saving of between £1,600 and £2,400 over this period.

The Benefits of uPVC Windows

Almost undoubtedly, uPVC is the most popular choice of frame for replacement windows in today’s modern sector. But did you know that uPVC windows are up to three times cheaper than timber frames? They are also more durable and recyclable. uPVC is the most energy-efficient frame material and one we frequently recommend at our local Sutton showroom.

If you are looking for something stronger than uPVC, aluminium would be the better option for a set of replacement windows. If you prefer a more classic look, choose our timber frames instead.We ensure that our Sutton customers always have ample choice available.

Aluminium and timber frames, just like our uPVC windows, come fitted with double glazing. Local and regional homeowners also have the option to upgrade to triple glazing.

Conservatories and Orangeries

If you have considered extending the living space of your Sutton home but don’t have the budget for extensive building works, conservatories are a cost-effective alternative that the entire family can enjoy. We supply and install energy-efficient conservatories – fitted with double glazing – for enjoyment over the warmer summer and the cooler winter months.

Generation Windows also supplies orangeries. Did you know that our conservatories and orangeries add welcome value to your Sutton property and secure a much higher asking price should you consider selling in the future? Our showroom displays the best features of our conservatories and orangeries, and has a friendly team on hand to offer you advice.

Some of our customers combine uPVC windows with a matching uPVC framework on their conservatories to maintain a consistent theme in their exterior property décor.

Composite and Bi-Fold Doors

If you are looking to upgrade your property with replacement windows and double glazing, there’s every chance you’ll want to replace the doors as well. We supply composite and bi-fold doors to our valued Sutton customers with the former of these two products being a popular choice with homeowners who prefer a stronger, more durable installation.

Bi-fold doors have space-saving qualities and are perfect for properties in Sutton that have a large area of wall space to fill – such as entranceway to a garden patio. Generation Windows can supply bi-fold doors with between two and eight panels. We’ll always have a product available that fits into most apertures as a way of combining your indoor and outdoor space.

Our bi-fold doors, much like our conservatories, come in styles to match our uPVC windows.

For replacement uPVC windows and conservatories with energy-efficient double glazing, call Generation Windows on 020 8644 3535. We cover Sutton, South London and Surrey.