Replacement Windows in Wimbledon | Trusted Local Suppliers

At Generation Windows, we supply a wide range of replacement windows, doors and conservatories for customers in and around the Wimbledon area. Over the last two decades, we have developed a stellar reputation for the quality of our double glazing and for our finishes. Our customer service is exceptional, and we operate from a showroom in Sutton that has the latest aluminium, timber and uPVC windows on display.

Double glazing is well-known for its ability to insulate homes much better than single-pane glazing. As a result, all new builds must have double-pane windows rather than just the one. We install replacement windows with double glazing from the inside of the property using removable beads. These provide fantastic levels of stability for your Wimbledon home.

For conservatories, we supply frames in aluminium and uPVC including the latest designs from Cortizo. All conservatories come with your preferred choice of double glazing or triple glazing and in a wealth of designs, including space-saving “P” shapes and “L” shapes.

Aluminium, timber and uPVC windows come in sculptured or chamfered designs for specific applications. The double glazing on our replacement windows, doors and conservatories is the first in the country to receive the prestigious “A” rating for energy efficiency. This rating provides Wimbledon homes with outstanding thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.

uPVC Windows | First for Durability

In our modern sector, uPVC is the most popular choice of material for replacement windows in the Wimbledon area. Much of the reason for this is the durability, the weather-resistance and the insulation that this synthetic material provides. Also, uPVC windows have fewer maintenance requirements and they cost much less than aluminium and timber windows.

The double glazing on our uPVC windows (and on all of our replacement windows and doors) is 70mm thick for extra insulation. The latest uPVC windows also come in a range of different colours and finishes beyond the standard white that is common on many homes.

These colours include black, grey, mahogany and rosewood. This ensures design flexibility for our Wimbledon customers and seamless integration of replacement windows and doors with a property’s current décor. Our conservatories also have a vast range of colours and finishes. Visit our showroom to see attractive displays showcasing the latest styles.

Conservatories | Exceptional Thermal Performance

Our conservatories come in a choice of uPVC, aluminium and timber-effect frames. We can install a conservatory in any style, and in a wide selection of colours. Our customers know that the prices we quote nearly always beat those of larger, better-known companies that advertise nationally. We prefer to keep things local, more personal and more affordable.

Homeowners in Wimbledon can choose L-shaped or P-shaped conservatories, or styles from the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian eras. The double glazing we use for conservatories is the same as we use on our replacement windows to ensure the best thermal performance.

What you receive from Generation Windows is a great conservatory at a price most people can realistically afford. Our customers also benefit from conservatories designed for year-round use. If you prefer a polycarbonate roof, we create strategically-placed cavities in the material for extra ventilation. We also cover the roof with clear solar film for insulation.

Combined with the double glazing used on our conservatories, our Wimbledon customers benefit from cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter.

Bi Fold Doors | Space-Saving Installations

There’s no need to sacrifice living space when you want to create an entranceway to the garden or onto a patio. Bi-fold doors work especially well in Wimbledon homes that require a space-saving solution. Generation Windows has an exciting product range available and our installations deliver unique user benefits on new and existing builds in the region.

Bi-fold doors combine the best of inside and outside living, and double up as an extension of your home, into the garden, without taking up valuable room space when open.

Bi-fold doors, like our replacement windows, are easy to install and use. They come in a choice of sizes, with anywhere between two and eight panels, and in a number of attractive designs. Because of the concertina-style effect that comes into play when they open, bi-fold doors optimise your room space and we can design them to fill any size of aperture.

We invite clients from Wimbledon to visit our Sutton showroom to view aluminium, timber and uPVC windows, our composite, sliding and bi-fold doors, our stylish conservatories and the industry’s best, most energy-efficient double glazing. Generation Windows also supplies modern uPVC roofline products to its customers, including soffits, fascias and guttering.

For replacement uPVC windows and conservatories with energy-efficient double glazing, call Generation Windows on 020 8644 3535. We cover Wimbledon, South London and Surrey.