Modern Orangery Extensions

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There is quite often a little bit of confusion over the differences between Conservatories and Orangeries. We are able to offer both of these solutions here at Generation Weddings, however it’s important that you first are able to understand the differences between each product and how one or the other may be more or less beneficial to your requirements.

Orangeries have a different design to the rest of the home and will traditionally incorporate brickwork, alongside larger windows and glass roofing. Orangeries were first built around the 17th Century and provided an indoor environment to protect the fruit trees during the colder winter months! Today, however, they mostly provide homes with some additional living space.



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An Orangery also usually has a timber framework, whereas more modern Conservatories use a variety of materials including uPVC and aluminium.

All of our Conservatories and Orangeries are able to utilise modern technology in a wide choice of classic and contemporary designs. They are also made with energy efficient materials so that they can be used freely all year round, no matter the weather.

To find out more about our Orangeries and their installation process, give us a call today on 020 8644 3535 to find out more!