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The team here at Generation Windows are passionate about providing you with the highest quality products and services. We keep up to date with all industry news in order to provide you with the best possible service and in turn would love to keep you up to date too.
On this News section you’ll not only be able to keep up with the latest Industry news and find out what we’re doing here as a company. We’ll also be providing you with helpful hints and tips to help you care for your new products as time goes on!

Take a look below to see our latest news posts and blogs!

Are Replacement Windows A Good Investment In 2019

Have you been considering a few home-based alterations during the coming year? If so, are replacement windows a good investment? While these accessories may initially appear to be quite minor
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Replacing Windows For Thermal Efficiency

Choose the Best Replacement Windows to Improve Your Home’s Thermal Efficiency If you are of a certain age, you will remember winter in previous decades, waking up to find frost
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Replacing Your Old Windows

Would you like to change the aesthetic appearance of your home? Perhaps you are looking for ways to save on mounting energy bills. These are two of the most common
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The Benefits Of Installing Bifold Doors

What are the Advantages of Bi-Fold Doors Within Your Home? Have you been looking for a door that exhibits a balance between aesthetic appeal and sheep functionality? Do you require
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Windows In Period Properties

Period properties are often appealing widely for their ‘personality’. Whereas modern houses are often build to appear in a similar fashion, older properties often possess far more ‘kwerks’. Unfortunately, each
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Brighten Up Your Home With Bifold Doors

Have you been looking for a door that exhibits a balance between aesthetic appeal and sheep functionality? Do you require a design that offers a modern and streamlined appearance? If
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The Right Window And Door Colour Combinations

Choose The Right Window And Door Colour Combinations For Your Home You have decided to install new windows and doors into your home, but with so much choice on offer,
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The Benefits Of Choosing Residence Windows For Your Home

There are many elements within a home that serve to define its personality. However, a handful also reflect a functional edge that could be difficult to achieve with generic options.
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Double Glazing Versus Single Glazing: What are the Differences?

Windows serve a very real functional purpose within the home. Not only do they allow in ample amounts of light and fresh air, but they contribute to the overall ambience
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What Causes Condensation on Windows?

Have you noticed a film of moisture on the interior or exterior of your windows from time to time? Not only can this be slightly annoying due to the fact
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Our Guide to Obscure Glazing

Obscure glazing is one of the many options that you can choose when designing your new windows and doors. Obscure glass alters the way a fixture looks from outside and
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