Bifold Doors

Bi-fold doors are types of sliding doors which are installed in a series of panels. As the name suggests, once you’ve installed a bi-fold door, you can either fold in or out the same as your choice. Thanks to the numerous benefits of a bi-fold door, you will find them in both domestic and commercial premises. Before you approach a professional to install bi-fold doors in Esher, here are a few things you should know. 

How to use a bi-fold door?

Bifold doors are used as closet doors and are generally opened by sliding and folding the panels back into the walls. Although the name is bi-fold, you’ll find more than two panels in the door during the installation. You’ll also commonly find a bi-fold door in concert locations as they are aesthetically pleasing. 

Sometimes, fold doors are used outdoors as a garden door or the entrance door between the house and the backyard. These doors are used between two rooms if the house has less space. 

What are the benefits of using a bi-fold door?

  • These doors are thinner in width and take up very less space.
  • Installing them is a good option if the room is small, as they slide completely back to the wall.
  • These doors are easy to clean and maintain and don’t need regular oiling.
  • Professional companies offer a range of colours for bi-fold doors. 
  • These doors allow a good amount of light to flow into the rooms.

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