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The Right Window And Door Colour Combinations

June 22, 2022

Choose The Right Window And Door Colour Combinations For Your Home

You have decided to install new windows and doors into your home, but with so much choice on offer, you just don’t know which ones to choose. Doors and windows will be in place for decades, so it’s an important decision to make, but it can be daunting with such a broad range of colours and styles available. Here are our suggestions for selecting the best window and door colour combinations for your property.

Look At The Existing Architecture

Go outside and have a good look at what your home is made of and the colours that already exist. The shade of the bricks, timber, rendering and roof tiles will have an impact on the way window frames and front doors look. A yellow brick with cream coloured UPVC windows might look a bit insipid for example. If the architecture has quite a lot of colour in it, it might be wise to go for a more classic tone like white or grey to keep things muted. Selecting windows and doors of the same hue avoids adding extra shades to an already colourful façade.

Look At Your Neighbours

Walk around the nearby streets and take a look at other properties of a similar age and build to your place. Take note of how the different door and window combinations affect the overall look of the outside. Analyse what gives a home the best kerb appeal. While you are looking, also remember what clearly does not work so you can avoid making similar mistakes.
Dark coloured UPVC doors and windows can have a dramatic effect on a property. It could be just the style you are looking for. These shades can also look quite flat so take time to consider this option. Light colours highlight an area and make it stand out, which is not good for camouflaging an ugly part of your home. For window and door combinations, you could choose a contrast and mix light and dark hues for a great affect. Use a colour wheel to help and go for either colours that are next to each other for a complementary combination, or on complete opposite sides of the wheel for a bold contrast. Another option would be to use the same colour, but in different tones. This works nicely with greys – a dark grey door and light grey windows creates a smart, elegant look.

Matt Or Gloss Finish

A matt finish often looks lighter than the colour actually is and this finish will create a subtly different look on a door to a gloss finish. Gloss intensifies a colour choice making it stronger and more prominent. Doors and windows look better if they are all in the same finish, so if you go for matt, everything should match unless you have a particularly good eye for this kind of detail.

Interior Of The Frames

Consider what things will look like inside your home. You are more like to change the interior décor before you change the windows and doors, so pick something that will look great with future alterations. Dark shades around a window inside will steal light from a room, whereas a white or cream window frame will add some light. This is the same for the front door, so think about the hallway and how the colour used will affect the light in this area. If your door is going to have glass panels within it or around it, this is not such an issue.

Our Top Tips

  • Trends come and go, but windows and doors remain in place for many years. If you pick something that is very current and on trend now, it will become dated in the future and make your place look old fashioned. Try to choose something that will stand the test of time and stay looking good for a long period of years.
  • Make sure your home isn’t in a conservation area where you can only select certain colours and styles for replacement windows and doors. If you have something fitted that doesn’t comply with the rules, you will be asked to remove them at your expense.
  • If you don’t want to stand out from the neighbours, choose colour combinations that blend in well with the rest of the street. You should also think about how your choice affects the resale of your property. You might not want to move just yet, but have a part of your mind on the future too.
  • To add just a pop of colour without being too bold, choose brightly coloured UPVC doors, but opt for white for your windows. It’s a combination that is classical, and it gives you the splash of colour you are after.
Now you have more of a clear idea in mind, why not take a look at our door designer to bring your visions to life? Alternatively, give us a call with any questions you have today on 020 3962 0380.