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Replacing Windows For Thermal Efficiency

June 22, 2022

Choose the Best Replacement Windows to Improve Your Home's Thermal Efficiency

If you are of a certain age, you will remember winter in previous decades, waking up to find frost patterned on your windows, shivering your way out of bed and into your slippers and dressing gown, putting your school uniform on the radiator to warm up before slipping into it. Children these days, tend to think of these sorts of stories as something rather exotic and unreal, accustomed as they are to central heating, wall-to-wall carpeting and windows that are designed to resist frosty build-up and that are double glazed for extra insulation. The best energy efficient windows are indeed double or even triple-glazed, providing literal layers of both glass and air between the outside world and the interior of the room.
If you have a broken window or if you want to renovate or improve your home, it could be worth your while to look at all the options available as far as energy efficient replacement windows go. Improvements on the efficiency of energy saving windows have continued year on year, and you might be surprised at the options available to you. There are a number of ways to make your home both warmer and more secure.
Double and triple glazing, as mentioned above, keep a home warm and dry. The premise is simple: sandwiching two or three panes of glass together, with small spaces in between them, can dramatically improve the performance of said windows. This is because any draughts or rainwater do not have to penetrate just one seal, be it putty, silicon caulking, or a foam product, they have to get through two or three layers of sealant. The air spaces between the glass panels are important too, as they act as an insulating layer, retaining any cold that does make it through the first pane of glass.
Door seals too can be an issue, with icy draughts making their way through uneven or broken seals, and even letter-boxes can push the cost of heating your home up by letting in damp and cold winter air. If your doors are old, or damaged, or simply do not fit the door space correctly, think about investing in a replacement – like the best energy efficient windows, energy efficient doors can make a real difference to your home. Not to mention that modern locks tend to be more secure than older door locks, which were designed in less suspicious times, as mild deterrents rather than to keep out serious criminals.
You may think that you cannot afford to invest in energy efficient replacement windows and doors, but perhaps you should change that thinking: with the saving to be had in heating and insurance costs, not to mention the added peace of mind from keeping your home secure, can you afford not to make that investment?
Eighteen percent of all heat loss in the average home occurs through the windows. Replacing windows with more energy efficient products can save money on a heating bill from the moment they are installed. The average home will see a saving on their heating bill of about £130 per year, with the best savings being seen on those who opt for A-rated windows, which are the most energy efficient products on the market.
If you want to make savings and keep your home both more secure and cosier, give us a call with any questions today on 0208 644 3535! A warmer cheaper home could be just a query away!