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The Benefits Of Choosing Residence Windows For Your Home

June 22, 2022
There are many elements within a home that serve to define its personality. However, a handful also reflect a functional edge that could be difficult to achieve with generic options. Windows certainly fall into this category and homeowners need to appreciate the fact that countless options are available. Some styles and manufacturers naturally rise above their counterparts and the Residence window collection is a perfect example of what customers can expect when nothing but the best will suffice. Why choose Residence windows? What bespoke options can you select and what are some of the benefits attributed to each category? What additional advantages can you expect upon their installation? Whether you are about to perform a small renovation or you are instead looking to transform the entire exterior of your home, all of these questions are perfectly relevant.

The Benefits of Residence Windows: Two Variants to Select

The Residence window collection is available in two different categories:
  • Residence 7 windows
  • Residence 9 windows
While the Residence 7 line is generally suited for more modern properties, the Residence 9 variants can represent excellent replacements if you have been looking to mirror the appeal of an older structure. However, it is critical to point out that both are manufactured from a highly durable plastic-like material known as uPVC. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but uPVC can withstand the elements for decades at a time with only a minimal amount of timely maintenance.

Why Choose Residence Windows? A Look at Functionality

Functionality was briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph and it should be highlighted here in greater detail. Both the Residence 7 and Residence 9 collections are flush casement windows, so they will allow an ample amount of light to enter. Their uPVC finishes will not fade as a result of exposure to the sun and installation is quite straightforward thanks to their lightweight nature. Furthermore, it is possible to choose from a variety of bespoke hardware such as handles and hinges. These will often be employed to achieve a specific ambience without sacrificing the durability of the windows themselves.

A Flexible Sense of Aesthetic Beauty

Variety is the spice of life and this observation certainly holds true when referring to modern windows that exhibit a traditional appeal. Customers can select from an incredibly wide range of colours and finishes; easily accommodating the exterior design needs of a home. It should also be mentioned that the Residence 9 line provides users with the ability to select two-tone colour schemes; one for the inside and one for the outside. Of course, it is still possible to opt for more traditional hues such as standard white. The appearance of simulated timber grains likewise adds a sense of realism to their overall design and it can actually be rather difficult to spot the differences between these modern uPVC windows and their age-old counterparts.

Saving Money Over Time

There are also several hidden benefits which should not be overlooked when discussing Residence windows. These units can accommodate double and triple glazing, so owners can leverage a superior level of thermal efficiency. The house will remain cool in the summer and much warmer in the winter; cutting down on energy bills over time. Soundproofing is another advantage to highlight here, as multiple panes help to enhance acoustic insulation. Those who happen to live within urban areas or close to major motorways will enjoy the tranquillity that these windows offer.
Whether you have been looking to imbue your home with a modern and chic appearance or your intention is to mirror a more traditional style, the sheer variety of available designs will suit your unique requirements. Thanks to their maintenance-free nature, upkeep is straightforward and durability is never called into question. We nonetheless appreciate the fact that choosing the correct make and model can be somewhat challenging. This is why we encourage you to fill out our online contact form. A customer service specialist will be happy to discuss your options in greater detail.