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Windows In Period Properties

June 22, 2022

Period properties are often appealing widely for their ‘personality’. Whereas modern houses are often build to appear in a similar fashion, older properties often possess far more ‘kwerks’. Unfortunately, each aspect of the home will not last forever and they will need to be updated over time. One common example is the windows within them. They withstand heavy usage and it only makes sense that they might break down over time.

Modern windows are very different to those crafted many years ago and newer solutions will likely provide many benefits which you will be thankful for, as they will better suit a contemporary lifestyle.

Problems Found With Single Glazed Windows

Traditional windows in period homes are likely crafted from simple single glazing. In our modern era, however, we have discovered the likes of not only double-glazing and also triple-glazing. Once considered to be an expensive extra, they are now commonplace in our homes.

Single glazing comes with many difficulties. Not only does it provide homes with poor thermal efficiency, but will also increase your energy costs as a result. By letting your heating out, you will be living in a colder home which is much more difficult to keep warm and will find you need to use the heating much more to compensate for this.

Newer windows offering double-glazing as a minimum will help to provide an effective barrier of insulation to the cold outdoors. As a result, you will find that your home is now not only much cosier, but also much cheaper to keep that way.

Caring For The Environment

Old windows are not only costing you more, but are also not at all environmentally friendly. We should all be doing our best to ensure we care for the world around us. Keeping your single glazed windows will dramatically increase the carbon footprint of your home, as you will keep your heating on for much longer – increasing your consumption of fossil fuels. The energy saving benefits of modern double or triple glazed windows is certainly worth considering.


Keep The Classic Aesthetics

One of the major concerns that period property owners have is whether their newer modern windows will be able to match the style and character of the home. This is certainly possible.
Replicating styles from a specific period is absolutely possible, meaning you can keep the aesthetic appeal of your property whilst benefiting from modern solutions.

Maintain Higher Levels Of Security

New windows offer a much higher level of security. Not only are they crafted from more durable materials, but also benefit from modern, secure locking systems which meet all of the latest standards and regulations. This will help to ensure your home remains much more secure, so you can rest at ease.

How Can Generation Windows Help?

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