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Double Glazing Versus Single Glazing: What are the Differences?

June 21, 2022
Windows serve a very real functional purpose within the home. Not only do they allow in ample amounts of light and fresh air, but they contribute to the overall ambience of your property. There are many advancements which have taken place over the years. Some serve purely aesthetic purposes. Others include the use of cutting-edge materials such as uPVC. However, it can be argued that the most important innovation involves the presence of double glazing. First and foremost, how are double-glazed windows different than traditional designs? What benefits can be enjoyed when upgrading your existing windows to a double-glazed variant? Let’s take a look at the science behind double glazing before comparing these two options.

How do Double-Glazed Windows Function?

The name “double glazing” essentially describes the design of this type of window. Double-glazed windows consist of two panes of glass. A thin layer of air (mostly a vacuum) is trapped in between these two separate layers. The panes themselves are held in place by the frame and naturally, there are a nearly limitless number of styles to choose from. Notwithstanding this unique design feature, double-glazed windows appear nearly identical to their single-glazed counterparts. The main difference lies within the efficiency of each type. So, why are double-glazed windows in such high demand and what are some of the reasons why customers are choosing to make an upgrade?

Double Glazing vs Secondary Glass: What are the Differences?

As you might have already guessed, single-glazed windows contain only one pane of glass. This is important for one main reason. Windows tend to lose a great deal of heat. If you have noticed extremely high energy bills, the chances are high that outdated windows are the culprit. The main reason why double-glazed windows are much more thermally efficient involves a rather surprising substance element.
Leaded Glass Window
Air and vacuums are actually excellent insulators. This is why winter jackets made of down are so warm. The air trapped within the fabric helps to retain body heat while preventing colder temperatures from penetrating within. This is the very same principle associated with double-glazed windows. The small vacuum between the two panes effectively blocks heat from escaping your home. Thus, not as much energy is required to maintain the interior at an agreeable temperature. Let us also point out that insulation goes both ways. While heat will be retained during the winter months, cooler air can be trapped within the home when the temperatures outside begin to rise.
Sometimes you are required to have obscure glass fitted as part of UK planning rules. Windows that overlook a neighbour at tSingle glazing (sometimes referred to as “secondary glass”) is a very poor insulator of heat. This is why you might have noticed a buildup of moisture or condensation on the panes when there is a significant temperature difference between the interior and exterior environments. This is one of the leading causes of high energy consumption and exorbitant monthly statements. So, upgrading is an excellent idea.he side, for example, must have glass that isn’t transparent to protect their privacy. This could apply to upstairs or downstairs windows, each case is different. Even if you don’t need planning permission for the work you’re having done, you must still abide by the rules otherwise you could be forced to change things at an added expense.

The Acoustic Properties Associated with Double Glazed Windows

You might also be surprised to learn that double-glazed windows offer superior acoustic insulation. The very same vacuum which was mentioned above helps to block sound waves from entering (or existing) your home. Not only is this great in terms of privacy, but it can work wonders if you happen to live within a loud urban centre or near a busy motorway. Single-glazed configurations offer essentially no acoustic benefits.

Putting it All Together: Double Glazing vs Secondary Glass

The benefits associated with double-glazed windows should now be quite clear. If you currently own single-glazed models, it is a good idea to consider an upgrade in the near future. You will be able to save a great deal on energy costs and over time, the windows will literally pay for themselves. If you would like to learn more about the styles and designs offered at Generation Windows.
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