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Glass Conservatory Roof Replacement & Installation

The roof of your conservatory or extension plays an important part in how it suits you, your needs and your home. Because of this importance, we have many roofing systems on hand and an experienced team who will help to guide you into making the most suitable decision.

One of the key features we can include into your conservatory roof replacement is a roof light, or skylight as they’re more commonly known. These are large sections of glass, a window on the roof should you like, which helps to allow plenty of light into your room. This is a fantastic solution to a flat top roof with a dark room interior, as they can help to brighten things up drastically when other windows may not be the most suitable addition to the property, or are failing to allow in enough light.

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Roofing Systems

As skylights are uninterrupted by buildings next door, trees or any other items which may be in the way, they can provide you with an undisturbed view of the sky above. It’s a fascinating feeling to look up at a skylight, as if you’ve just removed the roof from the building, they provide the feeling of being outside. Not only this, but they can make a room feel much more spacious.

We also provide glass roofs for our conservatory’s with various options available, as well as coloured or solid roofs. To find out more about the roofing systems we have available, or how you can measure up for your conservatory roof replacement, please get in touch with a member of the team today on 020 8644 3535!