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Here at Generation Windows another product we are able to offer you are our bespoke roof lanterns, or skylights as they’re also commonly known. These are usually large sections of glass, appearing as a window on the roof, although they can be smaller and tailored to fit where it may be necessary. These are perfect for those rooms and extensions with flat roof’s and allow plenty of light into the property.

Roof lanterns, or sky lights, are an incredibly effective way of brightening up a room with darker interiors, smaller windows, or where additional windows on exterior walls may not be a suitable addition to this particular property.

As these skylights are uninterrupted by buildings, trees or any other items which may usually be in the way of an ordinary window, they are perfect for allowing plenty of light in. Brightening up a room can in turn make it look larger and have a great impact on the atmosphere within the room too.

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Rooflight & Skylight Installation Surrey

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It’s always a fascinating feeling to look up at a skylight, as if you have just removed the roof from a building and brought the outdoors into your home. Whilst you may feel as if you’ve exposed your home to the elements as you gaze up at the sky, you mustn’t worry. Each of our skylights offers you all of the modern features you would expect from any window, including high levels of security and thermal insulation.

To find out more about the different skylight and roof lantern products we may be able to offer give us a call today on 020 8644 3535, or visit our showroom in Sutton to see our products for yourself!