Secondary Glazing

What is a Secondary Glazing System?

Secondary Glazing is ideal for use on period properties and in those conservation areas which would otherwise prohibit the use of our more popular double glazing!

Secondary Glazing Systems involve the installation of an extra pane of glass, on the inside of a currently single-glazed window. Much like your traditional double glazing, this secondary glazing increases your home’s thermal efficiency by helping to keep heat within the home (and likewise reducing those unwanted extra utility bills in the winter). As well as, also allowing for a reduction in noise pollution pouring in from outside.

Because we use a simple process involving the installation of slim-fitting panes to the existing windows, secondary glazing is an incredibly cost effective product! This makes it suitable for any type of home which may just need that extra layer to get it through the harsher weather.

To find out more about what our Secondary Glazing Systems, or to find out more about other window solutions which may suit your needs, speak to a member of our team today. With plenty of experience within many different homes, we’ll be able to offer you any advice you may be needing.