6 Reasons Why Double Glazing is a Smart Investment

Double Glazing Windows

If you are willing to enhance the aesthetics of your living space, investing in double-glazing is a good option. Double-glazed windows come with two glass layers with a space between them. Double glazing windows offer manifold benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. With this approach, you can also boost the functionality of your windows by a significant margin.

What are the Major Benefits of Double Glazing?

The common advantages of double glazing are listed below:

UV protection: These windows are equipped with a particular coating that obstructs harmful UV rays. In other words, double glazing protects your carpets, furniture, and curtains from fading because of sun exposure. By embracing this strategy, you can preserve the essence of your living Your furnishings will also remain new-looking for years to come.

Decreases condensation: Condensation is a major issue in homes. It results in dampness and mould growth. Double glazing is an effective approach to combat this adverse phenomenon. It prevents the warm interior air from converting into water droplets. This way, it protects window frames from moisture damage and maintains a healthier living environment.

Reduces energy bills: This is another major benefit of double-glazed windows. Such windows have insulating abilities, which decreases energy bills. They also minimise heat loss during winter and facilitate coolness during summer. They enable your central heating units and ACs to work less while maintaining a constant temperature throughout the house.

Increases security: Many homeowners prefer to install these windows because they are safer. Unlike single glass panes, they possess additional features for extra security. They can be strengthened or laminated to combat access of intruders.

Noise reduction: If you reside in an area where heavy traffic is a common scenario, noise issues are a concern. With double glazed windows, you can make your residence a quieter place. They have the capacity to filter out excess noise and make the environment up to 80% quieter.

Boosts property value: Installing double glazing enhances your property’s curb appeal. If you intend to sell your home in future, you can expect a higher remuneration from potential buyers.

Are you looking for a reliable company that offers double glazing windows with diverse styles and finishes? If so, Generation Windows will be your ultimate destination. We have years of experience in this realm and deliver services that match your expectations.

Why Should You Install Aluminium Sliding Doors in Your Bathroom?

Sliding Door

Most people opt for stylish bathroom doors during home remodelling. Aluminium sliding doors are a great option due to their aesthetic value and functionality. These doors come with intriguing features that will enhance the look and feel of your interior space. This blog highlights what makes aluminium sliding doors the top installation choice in bathrooms.

6 Compelling Reasons to Install Aluminium Sliding Doors in Your Bathroom

  • Classy and elegant

Aluminium sliding doors are classy and elegant in absolute terms. If you choose glamour and refinement over anything, opt for these doors without giving a second thought. Sliding doors impart a touch of grandeur to your home décor.

  • Saves space

If the interior living space is smaller, your aim will be to make the most of it. Also, you should try your best to decorate the space. Aluminium sliding doors address both your needs effectively. Unlike other doors, aluminium doors can be divided or united with a push-pull operation. Hence, aluminium sliding doors are the perfect fit for individuals with small washrooms.

  • Energy efficient

Aluminium is one of the few materials that can be recycled. After recycling, aluminium can be used for making nails, door frames, hammers, and utensils. Sliding aluminium doors are energy efficient, and it is another reason why they are the top choice in recent times. With these doors, you can leverage the potential of your cooling/heating devices.

  • Durable

Aluminium sliding doors can withstand humidity and moisture effectively. The bathroom is the only space that is exposed to excess moisture. Water spillage also dampens the bathroom doors and floors in many cases. If you choose aluminium doors, you can be assured that you don’t have to change your door often.

  • Immune to weather variations

Aluminium sliding doors have excellent resilience. Unlike metal or wood doors, aluminium doors don’t contract or expand with weather fluctuations. Moreover, they are also resistant to any type of deformation.

  • Easy maintenance

Aluminium sliding doors are easy to maintain. Hence, they are a convenient choice for homeowners. These doors don’t erode over time. You don’t need to paint and polish these doors often. In other words, aluminium doors are made for extended periods of continuous use.

Generation Windows offers a diverse range of aluminium sliding doors that enhance the beauty of your interior living space. We have been in the business for several years and provide quality products while ensuring customer satisfaction. Our aluminium sliding doors have minimalistic design features, and with these doors, your room will look bigger than it actually is.

Why Are Double Glazing Windows The Best Options During Summers?

Double Glazing Windows

Double-glazed windows are a boon during the summer. With innumerable benefits that double-glazed windows pose, they are beneficial for both summers and winters. However, if you’re staying in hot and humid weather conditions, then double-glazing windows are the best option for you.

Double-glazed panes reduce the chances of discolouration that might occur due to high UV ray penetration. With the increase in technology, new types of double-glazed windows are nowadays being installed within the premises. With double-glazing window installations, you can easily eliminate the scorching summer heat within the premises.

Does a double-glazing window keep you cool?

Double-glazed doors and windows help to insulate the property. It ensures that the temperature inside the room stays intact and is not affected by the temperature outside. So, during summers, you can experience cool weather inside the house, even if it’s scorching hot outside. The argon gas trapped in between the two glass panes is responsible for keeping the property insulated.

Does a double-glazing window give UV protection?

Double glazing windows have two panes and hence prevent the furniture and furnishings inside the property from getting damaged by UV rays. Although it does not block the UV rays completely, it will help you protect your belongings from getting discoloured or damaged.


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Does double glazing improve the security?

Double-glazing windows give an extra layer of protection compared to single-glazing windows. The major reason is that they are durable and tough for burglars to break in. Hence, glazing windows are a good option if you want to keep your premises safe, not only in summer but in all seasons.

Does double glazing help to reduce allergies?

Allergies and heat fevers are common syndromes during the summer. But if you have got a double-glazed window, you can expect [protection from the same. With an increase in humidity levels, the probability of bacteria and airborne diseases in the atmosphere increases. If you add vents into the double-glazed window, you can expect to get the allergens and the bacteria out of the atmosphere effectively.

If you’re still wondering, get in touch with Generation Windows for a range of double-glazed, bi-fold and conservatories as well. We have a team of professional installers who will help you with double and single-glazed windows and door installations.

Check our website for more details on the different types of doors and window installations that we offer. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Design a Greener Home by Installing Double Glazing Windows

Double Glazing Windows

Many homeowners in Surrey nowadays need clarification on whether to make some additions and improvements inside their homes. Do you want to add value? Will this long-term saving beat the upfront costs? Should you choose the double glazing windows in place of normal ones?

Double-glazed windows are considered one of the best options if you want your home to be energy efficient; they secure your property and block out extreme sound. The experts can assist you in installing double-glazed windows that will help meet all your needs without spending too much.

What Are The Double-Glazed Windows?

These windows are not the same as the single-glazed windows as in double-glazing, two separate glass panes are used, but they are kept at a distance with the help of a special tight airtight space that works as the insulation. A vacuum layer between these two panes acts as an insulated barrier.

The homeowners can also use laminated glass panels or UV-tinted glass variants. Apart from this, the double-glazed windows are also produced and installed per the users’ requirements. This concept mainly applies to those building a new home and installing double-glazed windows.

Key Factors To Determine Budget Before Installing Double Glazing Windows

There are some important factors that you can check while fixing your budget for double-glazed windows, and they are as follows-

  • The specifications like thickness and tinting, you can also choose the type of glass
  • Size of windows used for double glazing
  • The type of material you are using for the window frame
  • Considering the style of the windows
  • The type of hardware used. Fixing double-glazed windows is affordable as compared to other varieties.

How You Can Save Money on Double Glaze Window Budgeting

Only some things involved in double glazing are cost-effective. However, it would help if you had proper planning. You can save lots of money on double-glazing window installation if you are a savvy buyer and do extensive research first. You can also discuss your needs with the specialist, who will suggest the best window styles and colours that fit your home décor. You can go for simple openings, aluminium frames and casement windows- there are many options.

There are many advantages to using double glazing windows, including noise reduction, security and safety, bushfire protection, increasing home value and energy efficiency in nature. Get good quality double-glazed windows from Generation Windows to decorate your house.





Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Glazing Window

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Glazing Window

September 15, 2022
Double-glazing windows are a valuable addition to your property. Not only do the windows make your property more aesthetic, but it is also an important item that controls the room’s temperature. When it comes to windows, it is always better to invest in quality items. Inferior quality windows would be harmful to your property’s health.

Consult a Professional:

You should be proactive in searching for the window dealer when it’s about new windows. Make sure your chosen brand has years of reputation and experience selling double-glazing windows. They should be able to provide quality installation at a price matching your estimate.

What to Consider Before Installing Double Glazing Windows?

Below, you can find some vital things to consider before investing in double-glazed windows for your property.

Get Multiple Quotes:

The quotes for the installation cost of the windows vary from company to company. So, you should check the costs offered by at least three different window installers. Compare the three quotes and choose the one that guarantees quality work at the best price. Upon getting multiple quotes, you can also learn about the average installation cost of the windows

Buy Items According to Budget:

It is evident that you need only the best item for your property. However, don’t go overboard with your budget. Try to find windows and installation services that match your estimated price. Buying things more than your affordability is never a good idea. You also have to cough up a considerable amount of money to maintain them.

Work with a Trusted Company:

It is not much hard to find a window supplier or a window installation company. Finding a trustworthy, reputable name is surely challenging. Look for a company that has considerable experience in this field. You can also try out the references provided by your friends and family members. Avoid working with a company that has poor online reviews or is new to this field.

Read the Papers Thoroughly:

Before finalising the agreement, you may get a number of documents from your window installer’s end. Most customers skip reading through the papers. However, you should not make the same mistake. You should know your legal rights and provisions quoted by your window installer.

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