bifold doors

The bifold door is the type of door that can be easily opened from both directions. They are generally used to enter a room or separate different sections. If you plan to install bifold doors from Cobham, you have made the right decision. There are so many companies that offer this type of door as it comes with lots of advantages.

What Do You Understand By Bifold Doors?

These doors generally fold in half, mainly along the vertical axis. These doors are used in places like closets and pantries as they take up less space than the normal doors in the market.

The History of Using Bifold Doors?

It is the type of door with two leaves joined together. They are generally used in areas like pantries and living rooms. They were first invented in the 20th century and have become one of the most popular doors used in modern times.

What Are The Various Types Of Bifold Doors Available?

You can get some popular types of bifold doors in the market. Let’s check out the varieties below-

  • The standard bifold door is the most common type of door. It comprises two joined panels and can be opened in both directions.
  • The French bifold door is quite the same as the standard door; it has four panels instead of two. It allows for wide opening and helps light enter more space.
  • The accordion bifold door is made up of multiple panels that are connected with hinges. It is used in commercial buildings, and it opens very wide.
  • The pocket bifold door slides inside the pocket in the wall where it gets opened. This door is used in laundry rooms or closets.

Bifold door come with lots of advantages. They allow light entry and let natural light and fresh air come in. They also make a spacious feel inside the room and divide the space when required. These doors are versatile and can be used in residential and commercial setups.

If you want to install Bifold Doors in Cobham, consult the team from Generation Windows, as this brand offers customers some of the best quality bifold doors. To get a quote, contact us now.

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