Why Choosing Bifold Door For Your Home Is A Good Option?

bifold doors

The bifold door is the type of door that can be easily opened from both directions. They are generally used to enter a room or separate different sections. If you plan to install bifold doors from Cobham, you have made the right decision. There are so many companies that offer this type of door as it comes with lots of advantages.

What Do You Understand By Bifold Doors?

These doors generally fold in half, mainly along the vertical axis. These doors are used in places like closets and pantries as they take up less space than the normal doors in the market.

The History of Using Bifold Doors?

It is the type of door with two leaves joined together. They are generally used in areas like pantries and living rooms. They were first invented in the 20th century and have become one of the most popular doors used in modern times.

What Are The Various Types Of Bifold Doors Available?

You can get some popular types of bifold doors in the market. Let’s check out the varieties below-

  • The standard bifold door is the most common type of door. It comprises two joined panels and can be opened in both directions.
  • The French bifold door is quite the same as the standard door; it has four panels instead of two. It allows for wide opening and helps light enter more space.
  • The accordion bifold door is made up of multiple panels that are connected with hinges. It is used in commercial buildings, and it opens very wide.
  • The pocket bifold door slides inside the pocket in the wall where it gets opened. This door is used in laundry rooms or closets.

Bifold door come with lots of advantages. They allow light entry and let natural light and fresh air come in. They also make a spacious feel inside the room and divide the space when required. These doors are versatile and can be used in residential and commercial setups.

If you want to install Bifold Doors in Cobham, consult the team from Generation Windows, as this brand offers customers some of the best quality bifold doors. To get a quote, contact us now.

Five Key Steps To Adjust Bifold Doors

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Are you looking for a door option to experience a seamless transition between the inside of your home and the outdoors? Bifold doors are the best option, then. They are an excellent way of bringing the outside in. But do you know how to adjust them? Bifold doors have several panels hinged together. They’re designed to fold and pile against one another for a wide opening. You may need to adjust these doors to ensure their smooth functioning. This blog explores five easy steps to make the required adjustments in bifold doors.

How to Adjust Bifold Doors?

Level The Doors

You must ensure that the panels of bifold doors are even, as uneven ones can cause issues in closing. First, you must open them completely and check each panel’s alignment using a spirit level. If you still find unevenness, adjust the screws to make further required adjustments.

Adjusting Snugger Bracket

This bracket is spring-loaded and aims to hold the bi-fold doors when closed. If you find difficulty in pulling the doors, adjusting the bracket might resolve the problem. You can locate the bracket on the door frame’s bottom track and first loosen the screws. Then, adjust the snugger bracket at your convenience until you achieve the required balance.

Adjusting Pivot Bracket

Pivot brackets hold the panels of the bifold doors together. You need to adjust the pivot bracket if the panels aren’t aligned properly or dragging over the floor. Find the pivot bracket at the door frame’s top. They’re generally secured with screws you need to loosen before adjusting. Test the door after minor adjustments to ensure they’re properly aligned.


Improper lubrication can affect the operation of these doors. Dirt, dust, and debris can pile in the hinges and tracks over time. This can cause friction and make door opening or closing difficult. To resolve this problem, apply a lubricant to the tracks and hinges to minimise friction and ensure smoother movement. Ensure to wipe away the extra lubricant to prevent further accumulation of dirt and dust.

Replacing Hardware

You need to first test the door after making the required adjustments. Adjust your bifold door height and hinges if required. But if you still face problems in its operation, you may need to make specific adjustments like replacing the hardware.

Generation Windows offers bespoke bifold doors throughout the UK. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

3 Reasons For Choosing Bifold Doors During Home Renovation

Bi-fold Doors

Home renovation is the process of giving the existing home a new look. If you’re bored with your classic doors and windows, opting for a bifold door is a great option. If you use glass inserts in the bifold doors, it will definitely improve the house’s aesthetics. You’ll come across many people opting for bifold doors in Dorking. They have a lot of benefits as well. 

They not only save space but also are an affordable option for many. Are you still facing the dilemma of selecting between a bifold and a sliding door? Here are a few points that might help you make the decision. 

Why Select Bi-fold Doors During The Home Renovation?

They help to save space

The major motive behind getting your home renovated is to save space and create new space within the interiors. In this venture, bifold doors can help you. This is an effective door style that helps to free up a lot of space. Especially if you have got a cramped bedroom or a narrow passageway where a door needs to be implemented, a bifold door is one of the best options. 

They are affordable

Since a renovation involves a lot of work throughout the house, you can expect a hefty bill at the end of the work. If you opt for bifold doors instead of sliding ones, there’s a high probability that a part of your cost will come down. They are quick and easy to install and depending on the specifications, you can even customise the construction of the bifold door. 

They offer a good amount of privacy

Bifold doors are best installed in bedrooms, kitchen pantries, children’s rooms, linen closets and home offices. They offer complete privacy to the people present inside the room. It helps to keep a separation between the room and the exterior part of the house. If you prefer some natural light and privacy, you can choose from a wide range of glasses that, when fixed to the door, will help you with both. 

Hire experts from Generation Windows. We are a Sutton-based company providing services for installing bifold doors in Dorking and adjoining areas. We have experience in dealing with customised doors, windows and shutter construction. Whether you’re looking for a new composite window or an affordable bifold door, we can help you with the same. To know more, check our website. 


Why Should You Invest in Bi-fold Doors for Your Property?


Why Should You Invest in Bi-fold Doors for Your Property?

November 10, 2022

The doors are absolutely necessary for your home and protect you from natural agents and intruders. However, choosing a suitable door is one of the most challenging tasks that you may ever face. You have to match the door materials with the vibes and theme of the property.

The Features of Glass-Made Bi-fold Doors:

If you are not a fan of timber-based doors, the next available option is glass doors. These have a superior value and can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Among other glass door installations, bi-fold doors are a popular choice among today’s homeowners.


Reasons to Buy Bi-Fold Doors for Your Property:

Before buying bi-fold doors in Dorking, you must learn some important beneficial points. These are discussed in this blog in detail.

  • Extra Natural Light: The bi-fold doors are a fabulous addition that can ensure better circulation of natural light in your property. Whether your property is residential or commercial, you will save a lot of money on energy bills. Natural light circulation means better illumination and less dependency on additional lighting arrangements.
  • Sleek and Stylish: Apart from increasing energy efficiency, these glass doors can also make your home look stylish. You can find them in several contemporary designs that match your choice perfectly. The doors can magnify the open spaces of a room, thereby increasing the property’s aesthetic value.
  • Space-Saving Installation: Unlike traditional doors, the bi-fold doors have double panes, saving you a lot of space. The door would not take up much space in your room when you open them. You can move freely and look out for any obstructions behind the door.
  • Connects Interior with Exteriors: The seamless integration offered by bi-fold doors is extraordinary. It is another reason why people buy these glass installations. The doors blend perfectly with the indoors and the outdoors. These doors make the property more open and offer an uninterrupted, seamless view to the homeowners.

These are the primary reasons why you should invest in bi-folding doors. These are highly valuable and functional and can change the property’s aesthetic and monetary value. If you want to get the doors from a well-known company of double glazing in Guildford, contact Generation Windows. We are one of the renowned names in providing top-notch glazing solutions to a large number of clients.

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