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Are you looking for a door option to experience a seamless transition between the inside of your home and the outdoors? Bifold doors are the best option, then. They are an excellent way of bringing the outside in. But do you know how to adjust them? Bifold doors have several panels hinged together. They’re designed to fold and pile against one another for a wide opening. You may need to adjust these doors to ensure their smooth functioning. This blog explores five easy steps to make the required adjustments in bifold doors.

How to Adjust Bifold Doors?

Level The Doors

You must ensure that the panels of bifold doors are even, as uneven ones can cause issues in closing. First, you must open them completely and check each panel’s alignment using a spirit level. If you still find unevenness, adjust the screws to make further required adjustments.

Adjusting Snugger Bracket

This bracket is spring-loaded and aims to hold the bi-fold doors when closed. If you find difficulty in pulling the doors, adjusting the bracket might resolve the problem. You can locate the bracket on the door frame’s bottom track and first loosen the screws. Then, adjust the snugger bracket at your convenience until you achieve the required balance.

Adjusting Pivot Bracket

Pivot brackets hold the panels of the bifold doors together. You need to adjust the pivot bracket if the panels aren’t aligned properly or dragging over the floor. Find the pivot bracket at the door frame’s top. They’re generally secured with screws you need to loosen before adjusting. Test the door after minor adjustments to ensure they’re properly aligned.


Improper lubrication can affect the operation of these doors. Dirt, dust, and debris can pile in the hinges and tracks over time. This can cause friction and make door opening or closing difficult. To resolve this problem, apply a lubricant to the tracks and hinges to minimise friction and ensure smoother movement. Ensure to wipe away the extra lubricant to prevent further accumulation of dirt and dust.

Replacing Hardware

You need to first test the door after making the required adjustments. Adjust your bifold door height and hinges if required. But if you still face problems in its operation, you may need to make specific adjustments like replacing the hardware.

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