Buying Sliding Doors For Patio? Here’s What You Should Know

Different Types of Sliding Doors For Patio

Are you looking to enhance your outdoor space? Installing the right door can make a big difference. And one of the most common door options for patios is sliding doors. You will find it in most UK homes. They come in different materials like uPVC, aluminum, and timber. A sliding patio door not only allows more natural light into your home but also saves money as it reduces utility bills. Make sure to find the right company for sliding doors to be assured of their quality. This blog discusses the different types of sliding doors to help you choose the most appropriate ones for your space.

Different Types of Sliding Doors

  • Inline Sliding Doors

This type of door fits within a frame, opening, and closing through rollers sliding along horizontal tracks. You can open and close it using a handle. They are the most popular option as it’s easy to operate and low maintenance as well.

  • Lift and Slide Doors

This sliding door sits on a horizontal track. The main thing that creates a difference between a lift and a side door is its opening method. You can lift this door by a 180-degree handle turn on to rollers.

  • Tilt and Slide Doors

This door is a lot similar to lift and slide doors, but it operates with the help of a handle that lifts the door out of the frame. It can also tilt inwards using a handle, allowing more ventilation and air while the door is still closed. This is an ideal choice, especially if you have kids or pets.

  • Slimline Sliding doors

This type of sliding door can be referred to as an evolution from the traditional sliding door. Its design is ideal for frameless or minimal frame sizes. This provides a better outdoor view. They’re usually made in steel or aluminum because strong materials are necessary for strong manufacturing. They come in different styles and offer value for money.

  • uPVC Sliding Doors

uPVC is one of the most popular materials for doors and windows. It’s affordable, easy to operate, and offers value for money. You will never regret going for uPVC options as they can last for years as well with minimal maintenance.

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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Installing Sliding Doors

Installing Sliding Doors

Are you lacking space at your property? Do you want a door option that can elevate the beauty of your space while still taking lesser space? Sliding doors are one of the best options for both commercial and residential properties. It can make your property more attractive. But some things need to be considered during its installation. Let’s explore some common mistakes to avoid any further issues with your sliding door.


Must-Avoid Sliding Installation Mistakes


Not hiring experts

Many people consider installing sliding doors on their own to save money. It’s nothing wrong also. But, some tasks are better left to professionals. Sliding door installation needs professional expertise and skills. Professionals can handle all the complications that may occur during the installation. Accidental falls, cuts, spills, or other problems may arise when you try doing this work independently. We suggest reaching out to professionals and letting them do it for you.


Improper installation

Sliding doors of the finest quality have excellent insulation properties that help in preventing heat from coming in during summer and keep your space warm during winter. Hiring an inexperienced professional for this work may not ensure proper installation, which can hinder the functionality of these insulation properties.


Inappropriate measurements

Not ensuring proper measurement of the area where you plan to install the sliding door will impact its installation. Hiring professionals can prevent such scenarios and ensure that installation is done in the right manner. Even if you find any fault in the installation, you can ask them to come back and rectify it. You will not have to adjust the improperly fitted doors.


Choosing doors just seeing a lower price

This is the most common mistake that people often make and regret later. Avoid making decisions just by considering the price tag. You cannot ignore the quality of a product, especially when it comes to your property. Go for the one that provides you premium quality sliding doors at the best prices.

Glass breakage

One of the important reasons to install sliding doors is to allow natural light into a property. This also makes your room spacious as well as appealing. However, several homeowners choose frames blocking natural light from entering their houses. Natural light is a primary element; it also helps you save money with less energy consumption throughout the day.

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5 Differences Between Bifold Doors and Sliding Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

5 Differences Between Bifold Doors and Sliding Doors

January 23, 2023

Bifold and sliding doors are popular home and commercial spaces, but they have several key differences that may make one a better option for your project. The decision between bifold and sliding doors is difficult. Both sets of doors help to create a good amount of space within the property. Approach a professional for proper bifold door service as and when you require the same.

However, there are a few key differences, and knowing them would help you to make your decision relatively easier.

What are the differences between bifold and sliding doors?

Space requirements

Bifold doors require more space as they fold in on themselves and need room. Sliding doors, on the other hand, slide along a track and do not require additional space. Hence, bifold doors are not a great option if you need more space in the room.

Even when it’s sunny outside, if your home looks overly dark to you, likely, your windows aren’t letting in just enough light. Installing bifold doors will allow natural light to fill your home, transforming a typically dark room into one that is bright and inviting.

Opening style

Bifold doors have a concertina-style opening, which allows them to fold in on themselves while sliding doors move along a track and do not change their shape. Hence you can easily customise a bifold door according to your needs.


Bifold doors can offer a wider opening and better ventilation, as they can be folded back to create a larger opening. Hence if you’re looking for fresh air in your home, bifold doors are a great option. On the contrary, sliding doors have a fixed opening size and may provide less ventilation.

Bi-Fold Doors


Bifold doors can be customised with different colours and finishes and can be made to match the style of your home or commercial space. You’ll find many people opting for bifold doors because of this reason. Sliding doors are typically more modern in design and may not match as well with traditional or older buildings.


Bifold doors can be more expensive than sliding doors, as they are often made to measure and require more materials. Sliding doors are generally more affordable, but the cost can vary depending on the materials and finish.

In conclusion, both bifold and sliding doors have their unique pros and cons, and the best option for your space will depend on your specific needs and budget. While bifold doors offer a more traditional and customisable look, sliding doors are a more space-saving and affordable option.

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